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October 2011
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The Big DayMarch 1st, 2012
The big day is here.

My recent thoughts.



Et tu, Brute!” – Julius Caesar (Act III, Scene I). William Shakespeare.

Have the guns fallen Silent? Only time will tell.

It is in the Greek Epic Iliad by Homer where we learn about the concept of hubris, we are told of Achilles treatment of the vanquished Hector’s corpse.  Achilles had killed Hector in revenge. Not only did he kill him, but he stripped Hector’s corpse and dragged it around behind his chariot, threading leather thongs through Hector’s ankles. Although the Greek forces were appalled by his treatment of this other hero’s corpse, he was unrelenting. Priam, king of Troy, had to come and kneel at Achilles’ feet and offer him Hector’s weight in gold before he could convince him to give up the body. Once the body was gone, Achilles had time to ponder the fact that it was prophesied his own death would come soon after Hector’s. And indeed it was to follow at the hands of Paris!. What I saw yesterday being visited upon the son of Sirte, Gadhafi, the man with the vaulting ambition of having a United Africa, but a religiously divided Nigeria, the man with an eccentric sense of grandeur, the self-declared King of Kings was despicable and horrendous; he was a dictator a fact I acknowledge, but he was human first. He was captured alive, killed and his lifeless body stripped to the waist and dragged in the streets as a trophy. Even retributive justice does not go this far. By dint of these acts, they committed the crime of hubris. I had assumed that the NTC was committed to the upholding of the most basic tenet of human rights, the right to life, it turns out I had expected too much. The NTC has suspended the rules of engagement in pursuit of its ends. The difference between the NTC and common semi-naked ragtag bandits like Al Shabab is non-existent. They are birds of a feather. With Gadhafi’s death, Libya appears to stand on the cusp of a new era, but its turmoil may not be over.

The mercurial and maverick Brother Leader Colonel Gadhafi was not a person I held inhigh esteem. He favoured, facilitated and aided terrorism. He was not the exemplification of a noble person, but the inverse. He visited terrorism in Kenya in 1982 Norfolk Hotel Bombings in Nairobi. He supported the buffoon Iddi Amin Dada the butcher of Uganda, He supported insurgency in Somalia for a long time, His friend Blaise Compaore dismembered and buried in an unmarked grave one of the most brilliant and visionary leaders Africa has ever had, President Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso, he supported Liberian warlords Charles Taylor and Prince Johnson who butchered President Samuel Doe of Liberia, he provided support for the Lockerbie bombings and bombers amongst a litany of evildoings. But we should always remember that he never acted alone, his dominion was not centered on him and his family. He ruled with the aid of loyal sycophants and these are the new boys in town. But we shouldn’t be blind to the fact that he may as well have learnt all this barbarism from Belgium and Mobutu Seseseko based on how they treated one of Africa’s valiant sons, Patrice Emergy Lumumba, he was shot and killed, buried for days, exhumed and dismembered for daring to stand up against the mighty Belgium and the empire of the United States of America. They even took his teeth as souvenirs. To date, his family and we Africans in general still cry for the elusive justice. Of course we shouldn’t forget what the Boers in apartheid South Africa did to Steve Biko, a young man full of patriotism, valor, fidelity, and ability.

How Gadhafi lived, and his deeds, I would sum it as despicable. However, how he was killed or rather executed, macabre and beastly. It definitely was a step out of the bounds of modesty. Which begs the question, what is driving the revolution in Libya? Was it a shared hate for Gaddafi or other sinister motives. We have been treated to harrowing tales of indiscriminate torture, depravity and summary executions carried out by the NTC forces against the Touaregs and the Sub Saharan African people on the pretext of them being dogs of war acting at the behest of Gadhafi. Their honour and integrity has been abused. No substantiative proof to link them to mercenary activities has yet been adduced, but their families will have to live with the fact that they died because of their ethnicity. They lost their lives, liberty and property not because they posed a threat to the “revolutionaries”, they lost is all merely for the gratification of the latter. The International Criminal Court appears mum about these atrocities despite the widespread concise reporting of the same both in print and electronic media. The kith and kin of those innocents are looking for someone to redress the wrongs meted on their relatives, but their cries have not been heard. To those asinine killers, their conscience (if just in case they have any) will haunt them and surely for as long as the sky is above the seas, they should be sure their sins will find them out. The demon of bloodletting they have roused will turn and rend them. It will not be long before we see them bathing in their own blood. The world had high hopes for a new Libya, full of liberty as the common heritage of everyone within its borders, but on fuller reflection, it seems what it got was old wine in new wineskins.

And now that the common foe is out, will the center in the NTC hold? Which political, economic, social and religious doctrines and edicts does the NTC advocate? What agenda or vision does it hold? The oil contracts are apt to be signed, the oil revenue will start flowing in and the real test will thus begin. Let us wait and see whether the rights of the Libyans will not be subjugated to the oil companies and other Western business. NTC was initially premised on the promise of securing freedom for all Libyans, but from the look of things, it is vindictive in every vein. Holding of free, fair and all-inclusive elections will go a long way in showing the world that it is a clean break from the past. The NTC has indicated that Muslim law will be the grundnorm of the Libyan Republic which means that the schism that has always existed between the Muslim majority and the non-Muslim minority will be further. The high thoughts that the insolent NTC leadership has assumed will prove to be their Achilles hill, NTC is not supreme, there’s a higher power outside Africa and The Arab world. It should not be lost to anybody that the convoy Gadhafi tried to flee in was hit by NATO airstrikes and stopped in their tracks, carried out by French warplanes as confirmed by France’s Defense Minister Gerard Longuet before the revolutionary fighters moved in for the kill on Gadhafi. The NTC should know that the higher power demands the towing of the line failure to which they will literally bite the bullet. The NTC fraternity should familiarize itself with the chains of bondage and prepare its own limbs to wear them. They have promised Libya and the world heaven on earth in the absence of the tyrant, but they should know that the winter of discontent is beckoning. Failure to deliver on the promises will be their nemesis. The battle for Libya has been won, but the war for Libya has just begun.

With Gadhafi off the scene, we will now expect trenchant concerted rather than unilateral action to be taken against the regimes in Bahrain, Syria, Yemen, Senegal, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Burkina Faso, The Gambia, Sudan and Uganda to an extent to show the snide skeptics’ that indeed, it is not and has never been all about the Libyan oil but protection of the people. My desire is that the required changes can be effected without the shedding of blood.



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