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April 2012
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The Big DayMarch 1st, 2012
The big day is here.

My recent thoughts.


It is patently clear that Kenyan politicians live in a distinctively different world from that inhabited by Kenyans.  While Kenyan politicians make laws which compel Kenyans from all walks of life to pay taxes, they are averse to the very thought of rendering unto Caesar what is duly his. Due to their unique predatory nature, they collectively forget the key tasks which they are expected to undertake while tenured but dwell on amassing wealth and planning for the next elections. If the current trend is to be maintained, Kenyans have no future worth writing home about. But politicians should read the writing on the wall, they have been weighed and measured and found to be wanting. The unique and distinctive Kenyan mind has had enough of the chicanery, it is rising up! It is time to banish the present political leadership into political and public oblivion. It is time for Kenyans to demand and take if necessary their dignity, human respect, equality, the right to freedom.

It is thus sad and worrying when Kenyans lampoon their fellow Kenyans with Kenyan politicians. Kenyans from all walks of life should unite as a single entity. It is only their unity of positive purpose that will save the Kenyan. Let us all shun tribalism and focus on the bigger picture. It must be clearly understood that no one politician represents the interests of his/her people per se while in government contract, they embrace their narrow parochial interest. It is thus outright stupidity to tie the famed educational fortunes of my Luo brothers to the fortunes of Jakom, it is an intellectual travesty for anyone to think that the financial prowess and wherewithal of UK have a trickle down effect on my Kikuyu comrades, it is the height of incredulity to believe that the political future and success of the Kalenjins is one and the same as that of Arap Samoei. In fact, to the contrary, the three have much in common than they have with most of their blood brothers, for this is the nature of capitalism.

Kenyans are resilient people, hardworking, strong willed and patient, but their patience does not have an eternal lifespan, it is bound to reach its end.  The plethora of economic problems assailing them is as a result of a leadership that is detached from the economic and social problems in the country. This is the only time the political class has to make amends to their behaviour and atone for their greed. Since independence, Kenyans have had to put up with economic and political sabotage, machinations and corruption from the political class, but going by recent happenings, it seems they have had enough of the vultures. They have a new broom with which they will sweep all the chaff and the remnants of the vultures. I believe the convictions in the minds and hearts of the Kenyans will enable them vote out all those concerned about their own welfare in due course.

Recent happenings in the world point to people fed up with oppression in the form of democracy. From North Africa, in Tunisia, in Egypt, in Libya to Europe, in Portugal, Greece and Italy, governments have had to go on the basis of not honouring the social contract. This was not the first time that people got fed up with regimes, and neither will it be the last. It happened in America in 1776 when Thomas Jefferson led Congress in the Declaration of Independence from the United Kingdom. Currently, the government is hell-bent on taxes and more taxes on the citizenry and no politician is speaking for the people, they have gone silent and missing in the debate. When Jacques Necker, was appointed Comptroller-General of Finance. He realized that the country’s extremely regressive tax system subjected the lower classes to a heavy burden while numerous exemptions existed for the nobility and clergy. He drafted a document to alleviate the suffering of the masses. He argued that the country could not be taxed higher; that tax exemptions for the nobility and clergy must be reduced; his reward, he was fired! This was one of the initial embers of the Révolution Française of 1789–1799. It came about as result of the indifferent attitude of the monarchy and changed the face of French leadership forever.

My message to the Kenyans is to put on the Phrygian cap, which will be “the symbol of the liberation from all servitudes, the sign for unification of all the enemies of despotism” which has been the norm since independence from Britain. It can be done, it must be done.


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