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May 2012
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The Big DayMarch 1st, 2012
The big day is here.

My recent thoughts.


Health is the heart and soul of the nation, without which, a nation cannot be a nation. It is s zero sum game, you either have life or death. And we the living choose life over death, health over infirmity. NHIF’s current management is a den of corruption, corporatocracy and sleaze of the highest standard. It has become a cash cow to a section of Kenya’s business and political elite; its future in their hands looks doom and gloom, headed to financial tumult and turmoil. The vultures and vampires are blatant in pursuing an agenda tailored to force NHIF to commit economic suicide. But there is a glimmer of hope, the intelligent people are up in arms against the sleaze and corruption, their voice is raised, they are demanding an end without tarrying to the ways of the vampires. They want to see heads roll, they are baying for blood of those guilty, their heads are being sought and from the look of things, it is just a matter of time before blood is drawn from the vampires intent on defrauding “We the people”.
Public trust and confidence in the NHIF is shredded, sending home the file and rank of the NHIF was a step in the right direction that was applauded by non corrupt Kenyans, anybody who is pitching for their return is an enemy of “We the people”, both tax paying and jobless law abiding citizens of Kenya, and we must pay him or her in kind, unkindly at the ballot. NHIF needs to breathe fresh air, devoid of the toxic fumes being generated by corrupt medical enterprises in connivance with a section of NHIF boardroom, NHIF is a patient that urgently needs a definite surgical procedure to rid it of the cancer that corruption is. Anyone supporting the current NHIF and its associates must be seen and viewed for who he/she is, a traitor of the aspirations of the people. Kenya has never been a welfare state in practice, and the continued deduction of workers monies to bulge the bank accounts of the corruption industrial complex needs to stop with immediate effect.
It is saddening that some people have taken the fight against corruption at NHIF as a personal arena to assert arrogance and exercise of illusionary power. No sane, substantive, meaningful and probing arguments are being advanced in defense of the echelon of NHIF; but the slavish for arguments are firm and steadfast in the maintenance of the status quo, irrespective of the clear manifest of channeling of money to non-existent health facilities. They are not looking at the bigger picture in question. The callous manner in which they are exercising power is satanic in every manner. Here we have people acting like cannibals, feeding on human flesh, because that is what bilking money meant for medical care amounts to; you are taking away the life of a human being, while eating and vomiting. They have lost the right to be termed humans and treated as humans. But the cannibals should know that the writing is on the wall, their goose is cooked proper, they have been weighed and found to be wanting, and they must be discarded like the chaff in the wind.
Some fierce proponents and supporters of mega corruption at the NHIF have gone for the jugular, engaging in uncouth personal diatribes. I am convinced that this is a war they cannot win; Team 1 percent cannot score against Team 99 percent, the hyenas cannot and will not win against Kenyan workers and Kenyans of goodwill. The negligible number of elites cannot win against the Kenyan masses. The Kenyan masses will burry the corrupt. The era of people amassing wealth on the backs of Kenyans is gone; this is new era, an era of personal responsibility and accountability. The era of the president speaking softly while carrying a big stick is long gone; the stick should fall on someone. We demand that the government acts firmly and decisively to recover all the lost monies, bring to account all the guilty players in the scandal and inflict the severest form of punishment allowed under the laws of the land. Those found to be guilty beyond reasonable doubt should thank their father the devil that Kenya is not the post revolution France where the guillotine served the ends of justice, for were we in that epoch, the same fate would have befallen them.


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