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The Big DayMarch 1st, 2012
The big day is here.

My recent thoughts.


Man’s enemies are not demons, but human beings like himself.
– Lao Tzu.
There is a cornucopia of evidence that appears to show that the government may be overwhelmed by the ever increasing incidents of crime. Hardly a week is passing without the nation being treated to a carjacking, robbery and then followed up by murder. The conduct of criminals we must be clear is low, ignoble and unworthy to be counted as among men, they are a disgrace to humanity. Crime is now right in our face. Muggings have been engraved in our national consciousness as normal; in fact most of them are not even reported to the police. The police seem to be doing what it can to curtail the ability of the criminals to steal, maim and kill with abandon, it is definitely stretched to the limit due to staffing and equipment constraints and as such all peace loving Kenyans should do all they can to ease their work. We should all in our little ways strive to make their work easier by co-operating with them. We are We are living in a very grim and perilous moment in our nation’s history, we are aware that Al Shabaab is recruiting, Mombasa Republican Council adding their ranks, the police have said Mungiki is regrouping. There is undoubtedly a youth problem because the youths are the ones being recruited.
The most surprising thing is that the rank and file of the leadership in their complacency are burying their heads in the sand as if all is well, they cannot see the gathering storms, for them, it is business as usual while people are losing their lives at the hands of criminals. There is no comment emanating from the political class on the deteriorating security situation all over the country, to the contrary, they have hit the road running, hunting for votes. It is funny how it has not occurred to them that those being killed and maimed are the voters who hold the power to put them into the offices they so seek not mere crime statistics. My heart bleeds for the families who have lost their loved ones at the hands of criminals.
The government has to be awake to the realities of life, it has to rise to the expectations of its citizen and remain true to the purposes for which it is formed. With the high levels of unemployment and reduced opportunities for education for those who belong to the “grass roots” class, you do not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out where the first drop of the rain fell on us. We must address the causes of the crime. I have always been of the view that a nation of an exponential growing number disenfranchised youths is a power keg, a disaster waiting to happen. Some of these youths have decided to take the presumed easy way out of their endemic poverty. The youth can no longer be looked at with a blind eye. They must be attended to.
We are at a critical juncture where questions need to be asked. What steps are to be taken to reduce and if possible eliminate crime? Who are the youths committing these heinous crimes? Definitely not some scions of the prominent families or children of cabinet ministers, most of them are those who have tried to make the ends meet only to have someone else move the ends. They are those the political class and the government consider the dregs of the society and they are bitter with life, and bitter with successful people A criminal’s life is always on the line at all times while on “duty”, before a young man of twenty three years decides to carry a gun around makes the decision to start moving around terrorizing people, most likely his options have run out, he cannot afford education, he cannot get gainful employment, he cannot perhaps get legitimate means of paying his bills, he cannot access healthcare even in Kenyatta National Hospital, a public hospital, this is a man who has nothing to lose, he believes fate has decried that if he won’t be felled by the bullet, poverty and misery will send him to an early grave.
The politicians are paying lip service to the problems assailing the youth in this country, they are promising the sky when they get elected, while they cannot deliver equity with the positions they have. They are all claiming they are for the youth, while in essence they are for the maintenance of the status quo. The youth are no longer live for promises, they now want the means to prosper and live, they want their fair share of the national cake, the youth are seeing through the deception. It seems the youth know that they are pawns on the political chessboard, unprotected while shielding the sovereigns, the clergy, the knights and the crooks. These youth are the ones now turning against their fellow pawns and few sovereigns in their mistaken belief of hitting back at the system, they have noticed that they cannot expect the rules of the game to be fair for as long as the umpires are the politicians and the financial elites. For them, they see each and everyone except themselves as fairgame.
What is the way forward? The government and the political class have first to accept that we have a crisis before the current bad situation becomes worse. Burying their heads in the sand is proving costly. The hungry youth have the dermination, aspirations and drive to succeed but not the means. The government has to address the question of inequality, discrimination, unemployment and poverty which is prevalent. The government has to act, respond to, and solve the problems with the urgency they deserve. This demand is extreme but necessary. They can only ignore tackling these issues at their own peril with attendant consequences. Let them also improve the work and living conditions of our security agencies to enable them carry out their duties with a clear mind.


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