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July 2012
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The Big DayMarch 1st, 2012
The big day is here.

My recent thoughts.



“Die Religion … ist das Opium des Volkes” translated as “Religion is the opium of the people
Karl Marx.
I am not yet a Christian, but I am not against Christianity; it should be a religion about faith, logic, fairness and common sense. However, it cedes too much ground to its adherents. I do not disrespect it, but I know that it demands a lot before it admits one in its ranks. I strive to live by the edicts which are the cornerstones of Christianity but I do not think I can manage the basics, “Love thy neighbour as you love thyself,” “Pray for those that curse thee”, “Love your enemies” are some of those pronouncements I rarely live by. I try my level best to live at peace with my neighbours, but I wouldn’t tolerate a criminal in the name of loving my neigbhour. I am very different, I “sin” publicly not in hiding it keeps my conscience clear, I always make it known to people that I am not in the business of complying with these basics, I wouldn’t pretend to please “churchgoers”, and I just hope that people who purport to practise it would at least try to walk the talk. Sound understanding of Christianity ought to bring the “flock” from the stupor in which they continually live. The higher moral authority does not demand less, it demands complete obedience.
Christ led by example, He led a Spartan life, choosing to ride donkeys instead of horses and chariots, he prayed for the sick and need without levying any fees for deliverance and healing. It would therefore be practical and prudent if the latter-day shepherds of the flock’s beliefs, practices and convictions should be in tandem with Christ’s principles and teachings. It is written that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, but to be a leader demands more. The Bible is full of men of wisdom and courage who resisted the devil. In Genesis, we encounter Joseph rebuffing the advances of Potiphar’s wife so that he could not do great wickedness and sin against God. Job was tempted and promised but in God’s own words, he was a “blameless, upright man, who fears the God and shuns evil”, he wouldn’t even curse God when advised by his wife to do so, in the end he prevailed. Christ was tempted, but overcame. He was promised by the devil all the kingdoms of the world and their glory if He would only fall down and worship him, he answered that “ You shall worship the lord your God, and Him only shall you serve”. The devil was left with no option but to leave Jesus.
One can thus understand why Jesus Christ would beat the hell out of the idolaters, pastors, reverends, bishops, popes, con men, philanderers and all their forms of address was He to physically drop by one of these fine days. For they have turned His father’s house, a house of prayer, into a den of thieves. These people who preach prosperity gospel have chosen Mammon over God. They cannot claim to be serving both God and money, one must give way. Power and corruption has gotten into their heads. That is why it is no longer startling news to hear that a man of the cloth has defiled, killed, raped, stolen, has refused to pay a prostitute. There is no type of crime that they are not now known to commit. Their saving grace is that most of those they lead are brainwashed servile “sheep” incapable of thinking for themselves. They blame the devil for tempting their shepherds. These shepherds ought to count themselves lucky that they continue to lie and cheat while stealing from their sheep. Ananias and Saphira never lived an extra day after cheating God.
Of late we have been treated to endless obscene theatrics by some who profess to be “apostles”. These are hedonistic agents of lucifer masquerading as apostles are making a mockery of each and everything that Jesus stands for and people are cheering them on. One after impregnating a worshipper decided to kill her and the child inside her, another one after having had one too many decided to beat the hell out of his security guard and proceeded to curse him and all his family and the latest one (which has been an open secret in town) is where people are hired to give concocted testimonies of how after parting with a certain amount of money to a pastor, all their prayers were answered. Apparently the apostle never honoured his part of the bargain, refused to pay the miracle recipient (who also doubled up as his hooker), the recipient decided to air their dirty linen on television and we were treated to a theater of the absurd at no cost. The apostle was left with an egg on his face. There is enough evidence that these are not people up to any good, and it the right time to demand a verdict from the authorities concerned.
Fidel Castro and communism failed Cuba; among the things that they banned was religion and I believe they had a point. We should be guided by concepts of right or wrong, not what is said by preachers. I believe conduct like the one we have in Kenya where each person leaving Kamiti Maximum Prison wants to be a self-appointed apostle needs to be controlled. They must be forced to work and earn, not to be parasites. Establishment of churches should be regulated to a certain extent by the state. Perverts and criminals should not be allowed to stand at the pulpit exhorting how tough they were before they saw the light. The media should also vet what they air from these pastors because not what they preach is gospel truth.



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