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The Big DayMarch 1st, 2012
The big day is here.

My recent thoughts.

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It is high noon in Kenya, with politicians trying to outdo each other in cheating the people in pursuit of votes. Their strategic aim and purpose being the amassing of power and state resources, not service to the people and promotion of the national good. The politicians are the monkey which wants to use the cats paw to extract something from the fire in La Fontaine’s fable, “The Monkey and the Cat“. My advice to the people is to be sly, wily and alert to the devices being employed. Let the people refuse to be used as robots by the politicians.  The politicians stash their money in tax havens instead of investing in Kenya because it is not money they have earned; it is money they have looted from Kenyans. We must demand that all these monies are returned to Kenya and the owners hosted in Kamiti where they judicially belong.

Over the last decades, we have seen politicians systematically push the future of this country to the precipice of Armageddon through scandals and corruption. It is noteworthy that it is amongst the current crop of politicians which has been the driving force of corruption since independence, even those born post independence have joined the bandwagon of looting and laying waste the country and its resources, both human and natural. Those who have grabbed public land have been feted and celebrated, the whistleblowers have been silenced. Mega scandals like Goldenberg, Anglo Leasing, Triton, Maize, NHIF, NSSF and others have still not been fully and comprehensively investigated and prosecuted. We need to remain hopeful that it will not be long before we see a Mubarak in Kenya paying for the largesse and corruption that has been the norm in Kenya. Time is reckoning.

When the colonial administration left the running of the government to Kenyans, all hell broke loose. The cabinet all the way to the lowest level of the government (chiefs and sub-chiefs) were now in contest to see who could grab more than the other. Service delivery was relegated to the dustbin. This explains the reason why the descendants of the colonial paramount chiefs, collaborators and neo colonialists are fabulously wealthy while the families of those who fought for freedom, justice and equality are mired in poverty and perennial want. The families of Field Marshal Kimathi, Koitalel Arap Samoei, Sakawa, and others have nothing to show for the struggles, pains and death that their forefathers had to face almost 50 years since independence. Meanwhile, the families of those who went to bed with the post colonial government are filthy wealthy.

We have seen looting of state corporations rendering thousands jobless by the bigwigs who have been rewarded  with parliamentary votes and cabinet appointments, land grabbing of a scale never hitherto seen is being protected, Karura Forest, even a national treasure like the Mau Water Tower was not spared, and even today, commercial transactions are still being carried out in the ambit of the forest without any deterrence action being taken against the violators because they are big Whigs who cannot be touched. This is a trend and situation that should not be entertained; all those who have encroached on the Mau must immediately be pushed out and punished. A citizen’s revolution is now long overdue, it is overdue and the time is ripe. Come 4th March, 2013, let us rise up against corruption and all its forms. Let us start from a clean slate.

Siku ya kifo cha nyani kila mti huteleza. The trees are now slippery for the politicians. They may become truculent, throw mud at each other now, picking out certain corrupt conducts of their opponents trying to look good in the eyes of the voters, but it should serve as a notice to us; that they have had their day and their time is up. We must vote them out and thereafter bring each and every one of them to account for all they have done for the time they have been in government. Groups and people who are have been sidelined and been made to suffer have now risen, they demand to be heard. A case in point is the Mombasa Republican Council. They may not be “intellectually articulate” as they are being termed, but they must be listened to. Do they have genuine concerns? I personally believe they do have. For while the option of cessation is utterly misplaced and misconceived, land rights at the coast have to be urgently addressed. We need to be told by the government who owns what and where of the coast province. We need to know whether it is true that the KANU government took the prime lands of the coast province and shared it amongst its top echelons to the exclusion of the people of the coast province.


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