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August 2012
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The Big DayMarch 1st, 2012
The big day is here.

My recent thoughts.


“No one knows the master better than his servants. We have been servants ever since we were brought here. We know all his little tricks. Understand? We know what he is going to do before he does.”

Malcolm X Talking to Fidel Castro, 19 September, 1960 in Hotel Theresa, Harlem.

My hero Malcolm X never took any crap from any mortal (stooges and chumps), irrespective of his position in the society of the world. He preached and believed in self reliance and action. He respected the field Negro and despised the house Negro. A servant can get freedom through a revolution, not whining and shouting slogans. Voters have long been servants serving their masters before, during and after elections. But all this must now change. Over the weekend on television I saw politricians in churches (at least they are far better than the conpreachers competitors) soliciting for votes and promising heavens. Too bad for them, we are now past the gullible stage; we have had our eureka moment. We are not zombies, we know what we want and we not entertaining any of their lies. In 2007, PNU told us about corrupt activities of Raila, Mudavadi, Ruto, Henry Kosgei and the rest of ODM leaders, ODM told us about Kibaki’s KenRen, but when they joined the government in a fellowship of amnesia, they buried the hatchet. But we do not suffer from amnesia, we are mentally alert. Of late ODM has told us about Mudavadi’s corruptions and the game has just begun. We expect to see and hear more of these baring of facts.

There is much talk about on leadership and integrity under Chapter Six of the Kenyan constitution, which sets out the qualities expected of a leader. The enabling statute meant to give effect to the provisions of this chapter is yet to be passed but worries have been raised that some forces would rather have the bar lowered whereby the provisions of this chapter will be rendered academic. We must as citizens resist these acts of desperation. We have seen some members of the judiciary pronounced ethically, morally and legally unfit to hold the office of the judicial stature. We have applauded these decisions as heralding a new chapter in our nation’s history. Wembe ni ule ule, even though we do not have political spirant’s vetting board; we are the board being the supreme custodians and defenders of the constitution.

It is public information that among the many people vying for elective offices in the forthcoming elections are those who were against the repeal of Section 2A of the repealed constitution which made Kenya a de jure one party state, economic saboteurs, criminals, holders of bank accounts in foreign nations under fictitious names, electoral fraudsters/accomplices and pathological liars. We must note that not everyone calling him/herself a reformer is a reformer and be wary of the wolf in a sheep’s clothing. There is too much propaganda and rumours spreading which we should not fall prey to. Each and everyone who was privy to the reasons why people were detained and tortured in the Nyayo House torture chambers must shed light to the rationale behind those detentions and tortures.

It has been argued and repeated ad nauseum by some that the elections will be between reformers and non-reformers. What is lacking is the diamond bar for measuring the amount of reforms in an aspirant. One way of eliminating the “reformers” would be to ask that each of them declares his/her true wealth and how it was acquired. We need leaders who lead from the front not with their mouths. When NARC came to power in 2002, it had with it a lot of baggage while it claimed to be reform oriented, just look at where it got us. The only actor missing from the script was Moi although he was well and ably represented by people who had served him with total dedication and distinction for decades. Most of them had only bolted out of KANU when Moi bypassed them to settle for the political novice Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta (who had failed in his quest to become the mp for Gatundu North in 1997 losing to Patrick Muiruri) , a scion of the Kenyatta family as his preferred chosen successor. They felt in real sense cheated or jilted, not that they stood on their principles which would have allowed them to sing Moi’s tunes had they been chosen.

The late Hon. Prof. George Muthengi Saitoti was a brilliant mind, a trailblazer well before he entered public service. He was a pan African intellectual and an honoured academic. That was before Moi made him his vice president. Many people say that he may have been a victim of fate or ensnared by evil men e.g. how much would he have done for the continent had he continued with the academic life and pursuit?. Due to the fact that he was not by nature petty or confrontational, he had to take the flack for Moi’s policies for most of the time he served under him. For the time he served under Moi, it is likely that there is no record of him contradicting Moi, even when Nyayo was leading the country to the dogs. It was thus with consternation when in 2003 I heard him proclaim that Moi’s government was a “serikali ya kiimla”. This must have been a little bit too late; he should have denounced uimla prior to him being fired by Moi.  It was the current DPM Uhuru who answered him back in a not so savoury tone. Saitoti went on to distinguish himself in the ministries of education and national security before the cruel hand of death claimed him in a chopper crasher.

On others who left the sinking KANU ship when it hit the turbulence of the political icebergs including the political dinosaurs Ole Ntimama, Gumo, Uncle Moody, Raila and Kalonzo, they did not abandon Moi because they disliked his policies and agenda for Kenya, they left out of personal ambitions and vexations. The latter two had just been confirmed as part of the blue eyed boys club of KANU on 18th March, 2001 at Moi International Sports Center Kasarani (Kishijio as JJ Kamotho would term it) during the merger of Raila’s National Development Party and the jogoo party. They gained when Saitoti was being humiliated by Moi and pushed to the spectators’ ranks while they grinned from ear to ear.  They felt smart when Saitoti was making his now famous “there comes a time…” speech. It is worth noting that the two of them till now have nothing to show for their stay in government either during Moi’s time of post Moi governments while they are promising us fruits once elected. (None of them should claim credit for the constitution, for if we allow them, they will claim credit for the sun and the moon also).

Parting shot, we know these people like the backs of our hands, we must not accept anyone who joined the bloated 40 member cabinet to represent us at any level. These are fellows (PNU/ODM-K and ODM) who rode to power wading through the blood of those who had been killed during the post election violence. Unless any of them comes out and explains to us how he/she played a part in seeking justice for the victims beyond paying lip service. They called for ceasefire after there was a promise of power sharing, if there would have been no power sharing there is no proof that they would have agreed to stop the carnage. It just does not make sense how they would have sat at the power table while families were crying for their dead. I bet none of them has even talked to Mzee Ndege who lost his family in Naivasha while they are calling for the honouring of the Late Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi. This is a ploy repeated each election year. In 2007 while having my drink, I remember seeing on tv some aspirants going to Masinde Muliro’s families and making promises which I know they never followed up upon attaining power.



  1. stephen says:

    what will be the out come of continued power struggle?

  2. uhurumwinyi says:

    It is obvious that we the people are the ones to pay the ultimate price for the shortcomings of these “leaders”.

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