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August 2012
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The Big DayMarch 1st, 2012
The big day is here.

My recent thoughts.


Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery – Bob Marley.

A good person is a good person, who does the right thing because it is the right thing to do irrespective of what religion he/she professes. Majority of my African brothers profess to belong either to the Christian or Islamic faiths. Some of them even kill and die in the name of these foreign religions. Joseph Kony and his band of thugs believe they are fighting a holy war on behalf of God in defence of the Mosaic Ten Commandments, the imbeciles Boko Haram in Nigeria and Al Shabaab in Somalia and Kenya believe they are carrying out their duty through jihad with 72 virgins waiting for them in “heaven”. What a joke! Africans killing their brothers and sisters in the name of defending the faiths of Jewish and Arabic heritage. In Kenya, it has gotten to an extent whereby churches require police guard in certain areas before they can carry out their prayers after a spate of bombings and grenade attacks targeting churches in Nairobi, Mombasa and North Eastern. And this is a country where the majority are Africans led by their own Africans.

Malcolm X in a speech delivered on Delivered on 22nd May, 1962, in Los Angeles asked blacks who were not content with being Africans a simple but complex question which still rings true even today, “Who taught you to hate yourself”. For an African to blindly follow these foreign religions and customs is the height of mental servitude. Why can’t we as Africans be content with being Africans even though we adopt progressive medical, scientific, technological trends? Do we have to do way with what is African? Or is African an equivalent of inferior? We must discard this notion completely. Let us reason like the black historian John Henrik Clarke, that instead of begging to go the house of the oppressor, we should build our own house.

Some people believe that they will attain eternal life by sinning less. Those who took up new religion were mentally inferior, for in taking up these new religions, it was a condition precedent that you do away with some of your education, customs, ceremonies and culture t. It meant that you had to speak the language of the conqueror and take on their names. Africans lost part of their heritage which ended up in museums on both sides of the Atlantic because they were told their artifacts were primitive. Does it mean that all their ancestors who died before the Bible and Quran were brought to Africa were unbelievers; fakirs destined for the bottomless pit? It is worth noting that it was after the two religions were brought to Africa that slavery was certified, for it was written in the books of these religions that Africans were a brute and servant race. They were later to be shipped to foreign lands where they caught hell on an hourly basis from the civilized race.

Negroes in 18th Century Britain were before the eyes of the king and parliament “esteemed goods and commodities within the Trade and Navigation Acts”. In essence, blacks were not humans, but goods for trade. This in the homeland of the Anglican Church, there were those who argued that enslavement of Africans was justified because they were heathens and pagans. Those Africans who though they were wise decided to convert to Christianity and got baptized so as to be humans like their white slave masters. This of course was not founded on any existing law. It was confirmed in the Yorke-Talbot opinion (authored by Attorney General Sir Philip Yorke and Solicitor General Charles Talbot) of 1729 which amongst other proclamations decried that “baptism doth noth bestow freedom on him, (read slave) nor make any alteration to his temporal condition in these kingdoms

In the much celebrated case of R v Knowles, ex parte Somersett (1772) 20 State Tr 1 commonly known as Lord Mansfield’s ruling, Chief Justice of the Kings Bench Lord Mansfield’s ratio decidendi that “no master ever was allowed here (England) to take a slave by force to be sold abroad because he deserted from his service… therefore the man must be discharged” was misunderstood by slaves to mean that slaves were now free in Britain, this was definitely not the case. Only James Somerset had been granted freedom from his former master, and that it would not be legal for any slave to be removed from Britain to be sold into slavery meaning that slavery was in Britain to stay. This venerated judge was later in 1875 go on to rule that “black slaves in Britain were not entitled to be paid for their labour”.

“The air of England would continue being too pure for a slave to breathe,” slavery would continue being legal and did go on unabated in Britain and its colonies until the passing of The Abolition of Slave Trade Act of 1807 which criminalized slavery. I personally think they decided to take slavery to the homes of the slaves, that is all those countries with few exceptions which make up the Commonwealth. This was effected and executed through “colonization”, a form of structured slavery.

Converted African slaves built economic empire in Britain and America, but few learnt that religion was a ruse, a clever ploy to sterilize them. Even today, Africans (most of them who think they’re Muslims) are living in servitude in the Middle East in a size and magnitude that must compel a political and human reckoning. These modern-day slave holders do not respect any of these Africans by virtue of their common religion, because after all, these two religions encourage and permit enslavement of the black race (read Africans). It beats logic how these same Africans can lay down their lives in defence of these foreign religions. I may be poor, but I will not be stupid enough to blindly follow a person because he claims to be of a similar religion with me. Blacks were not in fact made slaves by divine ordination but rather than the owners of the foreign religions legislatures will.

In Christianity, the gospel has become an enterprise. The Roman Catholic Church (which I must applaud for the services it offers in the fields of education and healthcare) cares less about issues of accountability and responsibility from their employees in relation to the welfare of the young boys left at the care of their pedophile priests as much as it cares about making money. Africans have been roped in in the propagation of economic gospel propagation through token promotions, a canonship here and there usually doing the trick. There was a time it was said that children were to be brought up in church and following church teachings, but as things stand now, the easiest way for one to lose a child is to leave it to the care of a church.

On Sunday, September 15, 1963, Addie Mae Collins, Cynthia Wesley, Carole Robertson and Denise McNair ( may their sweet souls rest in eternal peace) died when The 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama was bombed by white supremacist men who were Christians, much water has gone under the bridge but unfortunately, very few things have changed. In America, in this modern-day and age, there are whites’ only churches, churches which do not allow interracial marriages because it would dilute the white supremacy crap. Last year in Egypt, Christians were killed by Muslims not because they had posed any threats whatsoever against their attackers, no, but simply on account of their religion.

I am not as clean as I sound, for I have taken a habit of reading the bible almost daily. I am also guilty of having been a churchgoer in the years gone by before I saw the light. My intention is to ask people to believe in humanity, to respect their neigbours and care for the environment much more than they care about these foreign religions.


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