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August 2012
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The Big DayMarch 1st, 2012
The big day is here.

My recent thoughts.


“New opinions are always suspected, and usually opposed, without any other reason but because they are not already common.” John Locke.

A certain group calling itself Muslim Youth Center has supposedly declared jihad against what it calls “a kuffar” Kenyan government. The group hyperbolically claims that the government has been consistently and unfairly targeting muslims in Kenya without offering any true substantiative evidence to the same. My question to them is who is a muslim? A muslim must be he who submits to the will and wishes of Allah, a peace-loving person going by what my muslim friends have told me. A person in defence of the devil incarnate Al-Shabaab should not lay claim to Islam, for to do so is to besmirch the name of Islam which is predicated on the pedestal of harmony. Al Shabaab, Boko Haram and Taliban are psychopaths who enjoy shedding blood. They slaughter people like chicken while hiding under the cloak of shariah law and countless unintelligent mumbo-jumbo. The muslim leaders in Kenya both in politics and mosques have come out strongly to condemn attacks against the public, churches and therefore the call to arms and terror by MYC is hollow, duplicitous and smirks of attention seeking because it does not have the backing of true muslims.

If God is (and indeed He is) the supreme judge of all humans, the master of the day of kiama, why would some crank heads take upon themselves the right to slit people’s throats because they have indulged civilized conduct or in their heart’s harmless desires like holding hands, drinking, shaving beards, taking children to school, wearing a brassiere or underwear, not covering the whole body in public or dancing in public?. How does one justify the killing of a person because of holding hands? God does not delegate and so these people must be the agents of iblis. Due to the fact that these devils do not have the ability to give life, they should not have the authority to deprive anybody the right to life. We do not live in some medieval society where unbelievers were burnt at stake, but in a civilized society where individual rights override myths and jingoism. To this end, the Kenyan government must reign in those people moving around with hand grenades and hurling them into churches, buses, bars and at law enforcement officers and deal with them as per the law.

No one should be allowed to loot, kill and maim in the name of protesting the killing of a member of their religion. The government must reclaim the whole country from these deluded miscreants. The Dadaab Refugee Camp has now become a byword for improvised explosive devices in Kenya. Those planting those devices are growing bold with ach passing day knowing that the Kenya government is an emasculated government because it thinks before it acts. Now it must take off the gloves and tackle the monster head on. Nobody should cry the “we are being targeted” cry because terror knows no boundaries. When a certain brain washed Hellgiva Bwire was arrested and convicted on terror related charges, we did not see any member of his tribe or family crawl from the woodwork to cry foul, because they fully understood the repercussion of non-action. We therefore expect the same conduct from all sectors of the Kenyan society when a person is arrested for criminal acts and conduct. However, no community should be singled out if it turns out that a member of the said community was found guilty of a crime.

Kenyans must also play their part in this war against terror; it is a war that we cannot afford to lose. Those opposed to the Anti Terrorism Bill 2012 should first of all read the bill in its entirety and not cherry pick a few sections, then raise their objections setting out the sections of the Bill they find oppressive instead of the wholesale condemnation of the whole bill. Muslims have heavily invested in Kenya with property portfolio cutting across all sectors of the Kenyan economy and they stand to lose if terrorism destroys businesses. We must have legislation dealing with terrorism and related high crimes. A country cannot operate in vacuum as some would want Kenya to operate. We need to have relevant and vibrant institutions with clearly defined roles and duties. It is through this that the police service and the judiciary must have a concise legal framework within which to operate in handling terrorism. The penal code is not sufficient to nail the terrorists.


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