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August 2012
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The Big DayMarch 1st, 2012
The big day is here.

My recent thoughts.


“Our greatest hopes and our worst fears are seldom realized.” Jim McKay, quoting his father.

I must have been aged around seven years when I started reading the Bible, by that time I had already been going to Sunday school and being taught the Bible. The narrative was always about the trials, tribulations, and conquests of the Israelites who I was told were God’s chosen people. I was a child; I took all these as gospel truth. The children of Israel were good, fighting and killing the Philistines, their uncircumcised evil twin and worshipper of graven images. My source of information was limited, for some time I even believed that The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was a purely terrorist organization striving against God’s own chosen people, the nation of Israel as it was constituted. This was of course an agenda of the “Christian Church” and clergy which needed and still needs money from their benefactors to continue living sinfully and lavishly in a world where poverty, diseases and famine ravage their “flock”. This they will continue to do for as long as the Rothschild lineage and enterprise continues to exist.

As I grew older, I read about the pogroms in the 1800’s Russia directed at innocent Jews, Hitler’s ant-Semitism, and later on I even found that in The Bard of Avon’s Merchant of Venice, Shylock the Jew is portrayed as a heartless and an avariciously beastly human. The story of the 1792 Munich massacre in Bavaria which resulted in the killing of members of the Israeli Olympic Team by the Palestinian group Black September Palestinian Liberation Organization on 5th September must have stirred unwanted memory on the Israeli mind. Each and every person with humanity must feel for the innocent Olympians who were caught in the midst of the fray. I felt sympathetic to the Israeli cause found it plausible for them to spare no effort in guaranteeing their own security and survival. However, I noticed that the full accurate and correct story was not being told, some mega brainwashing was taking place unabated. The resultant whiplash, operation Mivtza Za’am Ha’El from the command and control of the Israelis claimed even innocent lives e.g. Ahmed Bouchiki , but we are rarely told of this because Israel controls the world media and Hollywood. In the same breath, I find that no one is telling the story of the Palestinians without tapering it with how they were bringing up their children as future suicide bombers; how they don’t value human life and so on and so forth.

Till today, nothing much has changed in the Israeli-Palestinian relations. Swapping of prisoners has been going on since when the Black September Palestinian Liberation Organization demanded the release of more than 200 jailed Arab guerrillas from an Israeli prison. Recently we saw the same case involving Gilad Shalit. But why do these two brothers have to continue the incessant fighting?. Truth is the casualty in this war as propaganda hogs all the limelight. We are not being told what was/is driving the Palestinians to resort to violence (whether legitimate or illegitimate). The Israeli government has been given a carte blanche by the world to kill and destroy the Palestinians on the pretext of their supposed terrorist DNA. We must see the Israelis political class for what it is: an apartheid machine. After all, there is no empirical proof that God has chosen the Jews over and above the rest of the human race; it is all a big, fat, blatant lie. They are all humans, nothing so special about them. In the Merchant of Venice, the Shylock himself confirms this. The appalling and abhorrent double standards being applied in addressing the Israel-Palestine conflict must now come to a permanent end. This may sound romantic in nature but a realist can see through the fog. The mothers of the children of Palestine being killed grieve as much as the mothers of Israeli soldiers, their lives are not less lives. The world must unite to bring the plight of the Palestinians to the whole world in the manner they report when suicide bombers attack innocent women and children in the markets in Jerusalem. They should show both sides of the conflict and be driven by narrow, parochial partisan interests. There are very many Jews who do not support what the Israeli government is doing, but their voices are drowned by the Zionist propaganda machine. Our fair request is that the media must start being fair and balanced in the dissemination of the information relating to the Palestinian conflict.

The world must now see the Israel government leadership for what it truly is, supremacist and egocentric at its core. It thrives on lies, propaganda and paranoia. It believes that it is socially and intellectually qualified enough to have the nuclear bomb but the Iranian people are a naïve, brute and slavish lot who cannot have a nuclear bomb for intelligent use. They are on a killing spree eliminating Iranian scientists and engineers simply for putting their brains to work. They are pushing for tougher economic and diplomatic sanctions against the republic of Iran in the mistaken notion that the people who will bear the brunt of the sanctions will be the leadership, of course they are deluded, the people who will suffer are the Iranian people who have no interest whatsoever on whether their country should develop the nuclear bomb, they just want to live. It is common knowledge that not all Iranians Support the Supreme Leader Ayatollah and the president Ahmednajad and his cabinet’s decisions, but they all suffer because of the actions of the Israeli government.

Right thinking human beings should strive to do whatever they can to guarantee the security of innocent Israelis and in the same manner show solidarity with the innocent people of Palestine and Iran. They are not less worthy simply for not being Jewish, their lives count as much as the lives of Bibi and his cabinet. Those who were once oppressed, despised, sold as commodities, colonized and made to feel inferior should now lend a helping hand to the Palestinians in every way they can as they strive for fundamental and enduring social, political, legal, and economic freedom. This call is multi-sectoral, blind on race, religion or economic status. I single out my African brother who must be sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. During apartheid, Israel was helping the Boers develop nuclear and chemical weapons to be used against native South Africans while Chairman Yasser Arafat was assisting Nelson Mandela’s Africa National Congress. I know that fundamental Christians (hypocrites during the day and philanders from dusk to dawn) stuck in a time and generation warp who do not derive their earnings from doing honest work but rely from donations and offerings from their “flocks” will definitely not want to be party to a world which wants the Palestinians to have basic human and political rights, for it would be akin to biting the hand that feeds them.


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