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October 2012
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The Big DayMarch 1st, 2012
The big day is here.

My recent thoughts.

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“God created the world just like a knife and left it up to us to take it by the handle or the blade” – C J Langenhoven.

Two things are on my mind, the bombing of a church by suspected islamists in Nairobi’s Eastleigh which resulted in the death of an innocent child and wounding of several others. I condemn in the strongest terms possible this heinous act and its perpetrators. I just wish the death penalty was alive in Kenya and routinely carried out. Sending these devils to our prisons to be cared for on our monies just makes me sick. The second thing, The Kismayo Landing, finally we have our boots firmly on the ground courtesy of our gallant Kenya Defence Force. I have nothing but profound praises for what they have achieved, pushing those scoundrels Al Shabaab from their economic and strategic hub of Kismayu. I urge all the peoples of the world who have the interests of the Somali people at heart to join hands with Kenyan and Somali forces to cleanse the country of these agents of the devil who had enslaved their own people as we seek to give the Somali’s social, economic, political and legal freedom. A vote of thanks goes to the Somali leadership for making this epic possible and disdain to those delusional warlords who were against the KDF military action. We expect some resistance but it will be crushed like a snake’s head on an anvil.

The pathological liars islamists al shabaab have and continue to prey on the vulnerable which it exploits economically, militarily and socially. Critical thought demands that beliefs, morals and conduct must be compatible and conform to the prevailing situation and not to some fairy writings not grounded on logic. It uses the ruse of religion to oppress people and break up families. All those creeds, rites and customs they wish and try to follow are foreign; they are not part of the past of the Somali at all. Those who lead these devils ought to know that the home of the religion they profess and fight in the name of would never admit them in their ranks; after all, they are just some black slaves serving their religion. Just last week there was a diplomatic stand-off between Nigeria and Saudi Arabia after some Nigerian “muslim” pilgrims were detained and deported because they did not have male escorts on their pilgrimage. It is unfathomable as to how Africans can continue falling for these foreign religions. A prosperous and peaceful Somalia translates to peaceful neighbours, a chaotic and ungovernable Somalia poses and portends a motley of problems for its neighbours. We have seen some of the refugees hosted in Kenya’s refugee camps turn out to be demented terrorists who have killed Kenyans and Somalis alike. We must now take steps to pick out the bad seeds as we seek to serve those who genuinely deserve our help. If this is impossible, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees should find a way of hosting those refugees outside our boundaries.

We Kenyans must pull together in one resolve to fight terrorism and in this regard, I greatly commend our parliament for passing The Prevention of the Terrorism Bill, 2012 into law which its key aim is to provide measures for the detection and prevention of terrorist activities. The Act’s principal object is to establish a legal framework for the detection, prevention and investigation of terrorist acts. Those who were vehemently opposed to the bill need to relax, for it only seeks the guilty, not the innocent. The innocent man has nothing to worry about, but the guilty has a lot of reasons to be afraid, very afraid. A fine reading of the Act does not reveal any targeted religious group or sect and nobody should ever use religion to defend himself in a court of law, we have secular laws to carter for all of us which we all must follow irrespective of our religions or lack of. This law will give an impetus to the war and terror home and abroad and those who have been brought up and taught to only obey and not think are in for a shock. They will not hide under religion and scriptures anymore.

On the question of our brothers the Kenyan Somalis, nobody should dare point an accusing finger to them whenever a terrorist act is committed. These are Kenyans like the rest of in all forms, struggling to put food on the table, to see children through school or college, grappling with inefficient and sometimes unavailable healthcare and faced by crime. There is nothing that separates them from the rest of us. We have grown up with them, attended school with them and we continue living with them. The war against militant and radical islamists is not a war against our brothers either the Somali Somali, or the Kenyan Somali, it is against agents of terrorism. The capture of Afmadow and Kismayu would not have been possible without these Somalis, they must be honoured for the part they have played, through intelligence gathering, collation and action. Their sons have been at the forefront since Operation Linda Inchi started. From Defence Minister Yusuf Haji, Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim to the commissioned and non-commissioned officers in our forces. Some of them paid the ultimate price, like the young soldier who was executed by al shabaab and a picture of his body uploaded on their twitter handle.

The Kenyan Somali is to be found across all sectors of the Kenyan economy and the three arms of the government, from law (Abdikadir Mohammed, Ahmednassir Abdullahi) Finance and Banking, (Aden Mohamed) judiciary (Mohammed Ibrahim), to the military and the police. The Kenyan Somali serves and protects and only those guilty of crimes deserve to be tried as per the law established. They should stand as shining examples to their brothers and sisters as a testament of what western education devoid of religious fanaticism can do. These are men who have excelled in their fields beyond imagination, but those who want to hold on to and coddle religious education and edicts as their guiding light is doomed to fail. Even the religious education which they discourage and fight is foreign ab initio. Religion and science which calls for reason are incongruous and not cut from the same cloth.



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