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October 2012
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The Big DayMarch 1st, 2012
The big day is here.

My recent thoughts.



“A State officer shall behave, whether in public and official life, in private life, or in association with other persons, in a manner that avoids —
(a) any conflict between personal interests and public or official duties;
(b) compromising any public or official interest in favour of a personal interest; or
(c) demeaning the office the officer holds.” Article 75(1) of The Constitution of Kenya.

Is parliament a plague sent upon us Kenyans? Have we committed sins so great to warrant such suffering and humiliation under the hands of members of parliament? Parliament’s actions and decisions have been at most times arbitrary, at variance with national good and shallow in scope. The 10th parliament has desecrated the legal sanctity of our legislature and lost the moral legitimacy and public support to continue purporting to represent the interests of Kenyans. Its ratings in the public have hit an all time low, a rock bottom fall. The amount of money we pay mp’s is not even commensurate with the work they do; they are overpaid and perform below average. In carrying out their duties and obligations, they think that they are doing Kenyans a favour when in fact they are doing what they asked for. They have perfected the art of scotched earth policy in dealing with the citizens and the country, so that while our good and qualified physicians, lecturers, teachers and policemen are striking and begging to get just nominal increments, mp’s are busy scheming and plotting on how to raid and plunder the treasury. The schisms and apple of discord between the citizens and the mp’s is the latter’s symbiotic relationship with the monster known as greed, it has replaced the blood in their veins and their hearts pump greed and greed. It seems the more money is thrown at them, the hungrier they become and end up vomiting on our shoes in the words of former British High Commissioner Sir. Edward Clay.

I indict parliament as a whole for high treason against Kenyans. They have declared war on the people, the trumpet has sounded and we Kenyans are not taking it lying down we will resist and not assist them in their quest. We will fight and resist all forms of oppression that it wants to yoke us with vehemently. The members of parliament would want us to be foolish and asleep, but we are wise and awake. We have taken a lot of crap from most of the unhonourable members of the tenth parliament, but it is now time for us to show them that enough is enough. We will not only not vote for any of them who voted in support of the absurd and reprehensible increment, but we will not even pay taxes if need be so that they will not even have the “peanuts” they have been enjoying. It is a commendable feat that Kenyans from all cadres have joined hands to strongly and firmly, by all means resist this outright daylight robbery being executed by the unhonourable members. We will not suffer silently; we will and are facing the monster head on they will not get off the hook. We need a people’s revolution that will sweep all the undesirable elements from our political scene forever. We will hit them like a lightening bolt.

This bad law is not an oracle, neither inexorable nor cast in stone; it is the work of evil men that can be halted and killed it should never see the light of day. President Kibaki must act in the public interest, (I know he will because he has done this in the past) and refuse to assent to the bill. We must as voters and law abiding Kenyans in general censure all parties that were for the increment starting with the sponsor of the increment Adam Keynan’s ODM Kenya aka Wiper Democratic Movement and those who voted for the immoral increment. We have an axe to grind with the current mp’s, we will vote in new blood, devoid of the corrupting influences of the past parliaments and the 10th parliament. We cannot continue voting for the better of the two evils, we have tried the lesser evil and it has gotten us into a cesspool. Evil will always be evil. We need to redeem ourselves; we must redeem our nation and honour. We must think long and hard before we cast our votes, for our votes mean the future of our families and nation. Our votes are the fire which we must harness for productive use, for if we entrust fire with reckless and incompetent people like we have done before, the repercussions will scour us again. A genuine leader is not an elusive subject; it is a subject we can tackle.

Politics rightly applied and practiced must be an exercise in practical reason but in Kenya, it is the tenet of disembodied reason, the exercise of the absurdity in totality. Our mp’s decisions are no longer driven by reason but avarice. We must now get down to brass tacks and eliminate each and every member of the current August House from the ballot come March 2013. It is our national duty. We must push beyond the surface and exorcise the ghost of lethargic leadership in Kenya, all through legal means. Our first port of call will be Leadership and Integrity provisions of Chapter Six of the Constitution which embeds the bare minimum requirements for anyone seeking a public office under Article 75. The general and broader consensus is that each and every member has in one way or another acted in breach of the constitution and is therefore unfit to hold a public office and this is a trap they cannot wiggle out from.

The unity and bond exhibited in condemning this despicable action of parliament transcends gender, colour, class, creed and the briefcase political parties’ allegiances. It is a unity of purpose premised on the common understanding that mp’s are our worst enemies, worst than the diabolical Al Shabaab because they are putting the future of our country in jeopardy. While Mr. Njeru Githae, (he who chided Kenyans for refusing to eat rats) minister of finance is keen on raising taxes for the rest of Kenyans except his comrades in crime the unhonourable members Kenyans continue to suffer and tighten their belts. We are not brainwashed people, let us put our concepts into actions and jettison ODM, TNA, WDM, PNU, NARC, NARC-K, URP, UPDF and all those parties represented in parliament. We saw the Chepalungu member, Isaac Ruto marshal up troops to mutilate the Elections Act (which despite the fumbling and chicanery during its debate in parliament had to be returned by the president for fine-tuning before he signed it into law )to suit personal whims and score narrow political points, even those who were opposing his amendment did so in jest, not out of support for the upholding of the law. We should not touch these parties even with a ten foot pole. Let us unite and refuse to register as members of these parties and refuse to vote for their candidates from presidential to civic levels because they do not represent our interests nor prosperity at all.



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