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October 2012
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The Big DayMarch 1st, 2012
The big day is here.

My recent thoughts.

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It is subtle to the discerning eye that the stirring up of anti government sentiment and the call to revolt against, and disobey the Kenya government in some parts of the Coast is devised, instigated and now executed by people who have the money and means, not some semi-literate mnazi drinking layabouts. The oathing and training of training in arms cannot be sustained by peasants because they have better needs to dispense their time and finances on that engaging in acts of sabotage. This wealthy people must be the ones stoking the cessation talk and not otherwise. For any group to think that hey can take on the government and violently win is to grasp the wind, to tilt at windmills at best.

The increasing level of confrontation between the security arms of the state and the secessionist Mombasa Republic Council (MRC) which is said to be fighting for the autonomy of part of the Coastal region is not something that augurs well for the country, its people, economy and education. The government has through its three arms been without much success been trying to request the MRC to pursue dialogue and diplomacy in their grievances; the judiciary went a step further to grant the group a legal status. The police have been reluctant to use force, even reasonable and necessary force to counter the continued acts of sabotage by the MRC since the time they attacked people participating in an electoral event to the time they made an attempt on the life of Fisheries Minister Hon. Amason Kingi and retired justice Hon. Stewart Madazayo who is an spirant to the seat of the senator an attack which resulted in the death of the minister’s bodyguard.

MRC is preaching the breaking away of part of the coast from Kenya with their “pwani si Kenya” mantra and engaging in acts of subversion and violence. The president and indeed the greater part of the citizenry are categorically clear that pwani ni Kenya and this is a matter not subject to discussion. MRC is losing focus if it thinks that they can only convey their disgruntlement with anyone or anything by resorting to violence. So far they have not been able to sufficiently articulate what they perceive to be an organized design evinced or executed by the “bara government” to exclude them from the affairs of the state they would want to secede from. Our coastal brothers have and will always be represented in all the three arms of the government. From the nationalist Ngala, the KANU hawk of “wapende wasipende” fame Shariff Nassir to Chirau Ali Mwakwere and Najib Balala, there is no single Kenyan government that has excluded the brothers and sisters from the coastal region. There are absolutely no compelling factors for any part of Kenya to secede from this country, we have problems all over the country, but none of which so daunting to an extent that they cannot be solved.

A little lesson in history will knock sense in the stalwarts of the MRC brigade. We have had regions and nations rise up against governments they found to be oppressive to demand a separate country from that which oppressed them which have succeeded, and we also have many who have failed. In dissecting the roots and fruits of the rebellions, both successful and ill fated, I will restrict myself to closer home here in Africa. There are stark contrasts between the South Sudan and Katanga’s bids. While the leader of The Sudanese Peoples Liberation Movement leader Dr. John De Mabior Grarang was a nationalist serving his people’s aims, Moise Tshombe was a mere marionette being manipulated by the devils.

The more recent case is the complete disentangling that of the south Sudan from the Republic of the Sudan. They succeeded because the bigger portion of the world including the world powers supported their cause for self government, not just because they were disgruntled and driven by selfish reasons with the Khartoum government but because they had a just and genuine cause to rebel and have the right to determine and chart their own course.

Those that have failed include the State of Katanga which was a proxy Belgian colony established and declared by Moise Tshombe with the support of European and white South African dogs of war and not the popular support of the Congolese’s people. Moise will always and forever be an ignoble person before the eyes of Africans for having chosen to be the puppet of imperialists in search for Africa’s mineral wealth and resources. When revolting against the government of Patrice Lumumba, he was not doing it for the people, but for his masters, he did not enjoy popular support and will of the people and thus his state was a house founded on sand. It was from its inception to demise, a house of cards that would not withstand wind. Despite the puppet putting up resistance, his game came to and end and Katanga was reintegrated into Congo which it remains part of up to today.

There are those attempted secessions that I regret never happened but should have happened like the Biafra. Among Africans who I hold in high regard are Patrice Lumumba, Steve Biko, Thomas Joseph Mboya, Thomas Sankara, Leopold Sedar Songhor, Abdel Nasser, Odumegwu Ojukwu, Richard Ihetu aka Dick Tiger, Wangari Maathai. I include Ojukwu who proclaimed the short lived Biafra Republic an independent nation on 30 May, 1967 because he was a man who had the mettle to take on corrupt and incompetent leadership. His kith and kin were being massacred while the government sat and did nothing to protect them. It is regrettable that the world conspired against him and his people. The problems besetting Nigeria today may not have been perhaps there today had he had his way. Ojukwu may be said to have been one of the fathers to revolutionary change of government in post colonial Africa. The likes of Frankline Bukaka (who was executed after staging an attempted coup d’état) of Congo Brazzaville also deserve a mention. Let all those people who support and fund MRC know that the government’s patience is not an attribute of weakness, but a sign that it respects and upholds the rule of law, for if it were to resort to the kind of stratagems that MRC and AL Shabab are using, they would not even have the time and space to air their incendiary rhetoric.



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