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October 2012
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The Big DayMarch 1st, 2012
The big day is here.

My recent thoughts.


So the word on the street is that Obama held a conference call with his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, and other Black preachers to beseech them to ask their flock to come out and vote, vote for him. There are voices on both sides of the divide, those saying that Wright should not cast his lot with Obama because he renounced him, that he is a non-religious person who kills innocent black babies through his fervent support for abortions and his handling of crime in Chicago, his apparent disregard for the unemployment state of the black people in America. Those who support him point to the gospel of forgiveness and assert that because Rev. Wright has forgiven him, only those without sin should cast stones. All these people must understand that words do have consequences and they should be used when necessary and for the purpose intended.
The position of African-Americans in America is a very unique position. Majority of their descendants ended up there out of their own volition, it was forced upon them by the threat of death by the religious zealots (some even Christians) who viewed them and held them as beasts of burden and commodities. America owes these people a lot, but it has not even started the process of paying up. This may cause some to blame Obama for working for the descendants of the slaveholders and forgetting his brothers and sisters. This statement is partly true due to the fact that key presidential appointments under Obama have been dished to the likes of Hillary Clinton and former staffers of the Clinton White House. It is documented that the much loathed GW Bush had more blacks in his administration than America’s first and so far only African-American occupant of the White House.

I would go with those who may debate about representation. But those haranguing about religion are living in utopia. How proud can they be, supporting a religion which enslaved and continues to enslave them even today? Whether Obama supports gays, or is an atheist does not matter at this juncture. What counts are the steps he has and is taking to attend to the historical cries of the African-American. So let my good brothers and sisters raising these issues restrict their points on the promises that “Yes We Can” promised. If anyone does not intend to vote for Obama, let it be because he has not delivered on his promise and not because he is not a Christian. After all we all know what a Christian America has done to degrade the African-American. Those spewing words of discord should pore over the Obama administration’s shortcomings and acts of commission that go against the social and economic well-being of the African-American.
Race and racism is alive and well in America. It is a fact that there those who will not vote for Obama simply because he ain’t white enough to be in the living on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. They are angry that despite the fact that he was brought up by a single mother, he went from one glory to another, in education and leadership. There are people who hate educated black people, they see them as threat because they go after what they want, they don’t beg. The slaveholders hated and ruthlessly punished any slave who showed a desire to read and acquire knowledge, and the tiny minority of white conservatives of America still hates Blacks who are desirous of acquiring and retaining knowledge. Blacks should develop a fraternal relationship with each other and defend their rights and human dignity. Last week, unconfirmed reports indicate that Sharmeka Moffitt, African-American lady was viciously set on fire in Winnsboro, LA for the crime of being black. This heinous act shows that African-Americans hard-won freedoms must be protected by all legal means at their disposal, whether Eric Holder acts or not. There are those who still are not awake to the fact that an African-American is a full human with all the rights that any other hued person has.

I would urge my brothers to go out and vote, and vote wisely. Their vote is the only power they wield and this power should only be entrusted to a person they can trust and depend on. Let the few who only write off a person because of his unchristianity think again. It is common knowledge that corporate America controls the American government, and whoever occupies the White House has always to do their bidding. A good way to gauge the agent of the corporates is to look into his/her past and what drives him/her. There are those who do not value human life except theirs and that of those around them while there are those who identify with the people and their struggles. And lastly, teach the value of education and non-violence to the young ones, what is happening in Chicago belongs to the silver screen, not the hood.



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