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January 2013
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The Big DayMarch 1st, 2012
The big day is here.

My recent thoughts.

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“I will be buried beneath the weight of mountains of ignominy, but my day will come, and I will rise from the abyss of slander to…take my rightful place in history.”

I am today a bearer of bad news. The year 2013 is now here with us, history is beckoning for Kenyans. We should all get along as we go to the polls to elect those who will steal from us for the next five years. It is a very unfortunate thing that inasmuch as we wish for change, divine providence has not given us change oriented candidates. From the casual observer’s eyes, the devil is slowly but inevitably pushing its agents down our throats. We are headed straight to the cauldron of hell if the characters like Kalonzo Musyoka, Moses Wetangula, Cyrus Jirongo, Fred Gumo, Francis Ole Kaparo, Ferdinand Waititu, Henry Kosgei, Noah Makhalang’anga’ Wekesa, Maina Njenga and their type are the ones talking of a new dawn for Kenya while they still wield the instruments of state power. It is laughable that even Kalonzo can term his former comrades ( Shuttle Diplomacy and KKK are now dead diplomacy) Uhuru and Ruto as dyed in the wool “diehard conservatives” opposed to change while what only separates him from them is pronunciation of certain words. The kettle is now calling the pot blacker.

The information I am now hearing, reading and viewing is straight out of the movies. Lo and behold! Sacrilege and abasement! Of all the people in the world, Kalonzo wa Musyoka talking of change and 2013 being a year of transformation, Moi’s choir boy who joined Kibaki while the country was on fire and made himself without any qualms comfortable in front of burning children! Kool Aid is seriously at work if anyone is to trust these people. Snakes are busy shedding their skins but retaining the venom. The recently found voice for reform raises credible questions to their motives and convictions.

I made up my mind that I would not vote for anyone who joined and served in the Kibaki-Raila (2008-2013) administration because it was an administration borne of human sacrifice. Given the shortlist, I will repudiate the presidential slot vacant as I don’t want to invite calamity. Nobody with conscience would have agreed to serve in this government whose foundation was on the graves of innocent Kenyans killed because some politicians in high places, in ivory towers paid youths to slit throats, chop of heads and limbs, rape, burn people to death and destroy property. But this being Kenya, we had men and women who found it rewarding, fit and proper to take up positions in the government which it later turned out lacked civil participation, consultation and transformation in kind.

Love him or hate him, the mention of his name will continue to shape or blight this nation Kenya based on which prism you decide to view him. The magnetically charismatic and enigmatic Raila Amolo Odinga (who is poised to win the presidential contest in the first 90 minutes without doubt) was for a long time a man of the people. This is a man who singlehandedly wrote the obituary and epitaph for the man-eating mongrel KANU and its head the once “venerable” Daniel Moi. The world including Kibaki feted him, (remember the njamba title?). But look at what just half a loaf turned him to, a man who does not care about the hardships of the people. Even though he still commands a large and unmatched following in Kenya, he will disappoint and hang the hopes of his supporters because prospects are polarised. He now takes the view that citizens-cum voters are mere pawns on the political chess board devoid of any potency. I doubt that he does not have a copy of Niccolò Machiavelli’s classical on the art of gaining and keeping principalities The Prince at hand at all times when decisions have to be made. He may pass himself off as a revolutionary ( Castro, Che, Sankara, Lumumba) or a social democrat like France’s socialist president Monsieur Francois Hollande, but in all respects Pharaoh Mohammed Morsi of Egypt or Paraguay’s former president Francisco Solano López are classic examples of our dear Jakom in power.

Uhuru Kenyatta despite his heritage is not India’s Finance Minister P Chidambaram . He may try as much as he wants to endear himself to the people, but the sins of his father will cling on his neck like an albatross. His fall was more abrupt than his rise. There was a time when teargas was soothing his eyes in Uhuru Park and was a darling of the mass, but he lost his credibility when only a few months after giving a rousing speech greatly received at the Moi International Sports Center Kasarani on 11th June, 2007 promising to take on Kibaki at the ballot, he turned 360 degrees at the same venue in October of the same year to invite Kibaki to the podium and throw his weight behind him shelving his presidential ambitions. Many were disappointed in this act of the Leader of Official Opposition in Parliament joining the government but for him, it was about his interests being taken care of. This is a decision he will certainly regret for the rest of his life for it sealed his fate. ( I highly doubt that he would have ended up in the dreaded Waki list had he run for president on his own)

Martha Karua with her inflated ego thinks that because Clay Muganda christened her “the only man in Kibaki’s government” some years back and some newspaper columnists have termed her the iron lady she can match the stature, form and class of former British premier Margaret Thatcher. She is day dreaming. Karua can not even equal the likes of Sri Lanka’s Rosy Sananayake nor Rwanda’s foreign affairs and co-operation minister Madame Louise Mushikiwabo not just politically, but she loses hands down in all departments. The press has been turning a mole hill into a mountain. Even though she has not been charged with any wrongdoing in relation to the 2007 election fiasco, her conscience is on trial and judgement will be rendered come April 2013.

Ole Kiyapi and Peter Kenneth suffer the collective guilty and fate of those who served in the disgraced and spineless administration their public domain impeccable characters aside. Tuju should not even be counted; his scrupulous briefcase party (Pot Of Action) registered me without even my consent!


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