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January 2013
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The Big DayMarch 1st, 2012
The big day is here.

My recent thoughts.


“As far as Saddam Hussein being a great military strategist, he is neither a strategist, nor is he schooled in the operational arts, nor is he a tactician, nor is he a general, nor is he a soldier. Other than that, he’s a great military man, I want you to know that.”

Those were gold-plated words by the late celebrated and decorated American hero; honorary knight and General Norman Schwarzkopf which capture the very essence of the leaders of various coalitions and collusions competing for power in Kenya through the various outfits. The bigwigs of CORD, Jubilee, Amani, Eagle and Karua are patently bought and paid for cutthroat opportunists and politicians but none epitomizes the virtues of decisive leadership capable of expending any energy on our cause. These people are talking of transformations while they are in government instead of being plain frank and calling it a mere transition from Kibaki to them.

Over the past weekend, several things captured my attention and imagination, the Likoni Ferry accident, the nail-biting Australian Open, The death of Prof. John Makumbe, a fierce critic of President Robert Gabriel Mugabe. The taking down of USCC website by Anonymous in retaliation for the government’s hounding of Aaron Swartz, the violence in Egypt, the decision by Leon Panetta to allow women in the fighting machine, French troops odyssey in Mali, the broken goalpost  in the African cup of nations encounter between Togo and Tunisia, the story of the con artist Artur Baptista da Silva, The fire disaster in a Kiss nightclub in Santa Maria, Brazil where at least 233 people died because they were blocked by the club’s security personnel from leaving without proof of having cleared their bills, ( reminds me of the Nakumatt Downtown fire disaster in 2009 when the management locked people in the supermarket leading to deaths so that they could not “steal”. Bure kabisa!)and the announcement that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg of the media empire Bloomberg LLP, had pledged a further $350 million to Johns Hopkins University leading to his lifetime giving to his alma mater hitting past the $1 billion mark. That is world news.

In between, I got time to tune in to BBC’ Sema Kenya programme hosted in Bungoma County. Those who were facing the people we Moses Wetangula currently minister for Trade and CORD member, Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi former minister Trade and Industry, a gubernatorial aspirant Ken Lusaka former administrator and permanent secretary in the Ministry of Livestock Development and a gracious lady whose name I cannot remember. Wetangula and Kituyi were put on the spot in respect of the Webuye Panpaper Mills fiasco for their acts and inactions. Wetangula was adamant that the mill would be revived while Kituyi termed Panpaper a dead horse, not worth flogging. They couldn’t come to an agreement on matters of development and infrastructure in Bungoma County, but they were unanimous that counties in central province were being allocated more money and their roads were in better conditions. If this is the leadership that we will have come post 4th March, our troubles are far from being sorted out.

While we are allowed to hold opinions as of right, facts must be key components in any fora. Hardly two hours later, on Citizen Television, business magnate and former Kiambaa legislator Stanley Munga Githunguri no a senate aspirant was telling people in Kirigiti Stadium how Turkana County was undeservedly allocated money without consideration being put in terms of the population. Former Kabete legislator and Attorney-General, the legend and urbane Charles Mugane Njonjo was in attendance to show support for his pal and for the umpteenth time reminding people that he is Kenyan, not Kikuyu and proceed to address the rally in stuttering Swahili. Which begs a question, can’t these politicians seek votes without degrading others or other regions? While the world is moving towards integration, the politicians in Kenya are busy beseeching people to retreat into their tribal cocoons. There is a clear fusion of thought from Wetangula, Kituyi and Githunguri as far as retrogressiveness is concerned. The plight of the mass is replaced with the politicians’ vain ambitions.

It appears to me that the aspirants vying for various seats do not have the full grasp of the needs and aspiration of this country and its residents. They want to talk what they want, not what is desired and correct. We need a person with the uncanny ability to inspire this hopeful nation and its residents. The only person I find having the knowledge and urgency of what is ailing Kenya is the articulate Ronnie Osumba, an extraordinary talent, a herald of the present future and potential, a visionary, a dove among hawks, a lamb among wolves and a lion in the midst of hyenas. He accepts that we have a broken system that needs fixing, money that is either going down the drain, being siphoned or lying dormant that should be utilised. He is on the way to earning his stripes as a mtu wa watu if he proceeds on this path. What he said yesterday after attending a church service in Nairobi rings true not just with the youth, but all those who hope for real, positive meaningful change in this country.


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