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February 2013
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The Big DayMarch 1st, 2012
The big day is here.

My recent thoughts.


“There are three things that are never satisfied,……the grave; and the barren womb; the earth that is not filled with water; and the fire that saith not, It is enough.”  Proverbs 30:15, 16.

Please add the peculiar Kenyan politician who does not get satisfied with spewing lies to the above list.

I will pull no punches, majority of us Kenyans are a gullible lot, we trust a lot (we even trust those reptilian politicians), we hope too much (this time he will deliver), we do not like history, we like our own and finally, we are easily distracted. We are currently in the spring of hope, but we are headed unknowingly right into the abyss of the winter of despair – disappointment. The politicians are dispensing and ingesting nonsense  Take for example the emotive land debate kicked off by Moses Masika Wetangula. He boldly told all those who cared to listen that Uhuru had no moral or legal authority, capacity, and didn’t deserve to lead Kenya to seek the presidency because he was using proceeds from his stolen land to campaign and bribe voters. Uhuru through his surrogates shot back, terming Wetangula’s assertion as hate speech. Land is a hot button topic across the whole world.

The Kenyatta’s landholding has for a long time been Kenya’s best kept secrets. We have accepted that because the former president was a “wise, organized and endowed with keen business acumen”, he bought all the land that he bequeathed his offspring, heirs and assigns. Those who disagree and put the size of the land to be similar to Nyanza province have always asked the Kenyatta family through Mama Ngina Kenyatta and her son Uhuru to come clean and settle this question once and for all. They have tried coming up with all manner of explanations as to how to the family came to posses vast swathes of land in the midst of squatters, but none which conclusively answers the question.

During the launch of Jubilee Coalition’s manifesto at the Moi International Sports Center Kasarani, Uhuru tried his hand at being an expert or rather a professor of land law. He was exercising his right of reply. He tried but he didn’t perform to what the country expected him to know about land in Kenya. His poor showing and skirting around the issue didn’t even help his cause. What he was describing is what we learnt in primary school, what we expected is what we would have heard the late law don Dr. Hastings Okoth-Ogendo Opinya Winston speak. I suggest that whoever is near Uhuru makes available Professor’s seminal paper, The last colonial question; an essay in the pathology of land administration systems in Africa. If he finds it unpalatable, he will even have to bring YouTube down because of what the likes of Simeon Nyachae and Stanley Githunguri had to say about how land was allocated while he was still an infant. The names of Jackson “Harvester” Angaine aka King of the Ameru former lands and settlement minister, Mr James Maina Wanjigi, former Director of Settlements and Land and Settlement former permanent secretary Peter Shiyukah will only bring out the lies being perpetuated in defence of how Kenyatta’s land was acquired.

It is a fact that nobody is allowed to question how Kenyatta acquired those islands of land across Kenya. In the year 2000 or thereabout, former Nyeri town legislator Wanyiri Kihoro called Kenyatta a land grabber not a land owner. He had touched raw nerves. Reaction was swift and threatening. Since then, silence has become the new normal. It thus comes as surprise to us that this question would pop up from the very people who have been hobnobbing with Uhuru and his family. Is the timing a matter of good faith or plain mischief? The timing is telling and suspect. Why now? Wetangula has been an errand boy for Kibaki and the outgoing establishment. He was one of Kibaki’s point men during the Serena Peace Talks alongside lands minister James Orengo. Let be known by all Kenyans that Kenyatta’s land will not be touched by the CORD administration. Perhaps if it was Jakom some redress would have been sought. At least for him, he occasionally has the courage and audacity to put his money where his mouth is. If CORD is serious about addressing the land question, let it employ the services of their lands minster James Aggrey Orengo to release the names of large land owners for Kenyans to decide on their own instead of using the mouth of Wetangula.

We are currently in a situation which demands attention, Mpesa, the mobile money transfer system which has been at the forefront of improving and changing lives of Kenyans has just seen its fees spiked up courtesy of Uhuru’s blue eyed boy Njeru Githae, nurses have been on strike for like eternity under the very nose of Jakom’s hatchet man Prof. Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o. All this are not getting attention but the shutting down of frequencies belonging to Royal Media Services has been noticed by the politicians.  Let these politicians know that we are suffering under their yoke, and we do not want to be distracted by their petty personal differences. Let all those young Kikuyu young men who may be tempted that Raila will go after Kenyatta’s land put their fears to rest. These are birds of a feather, they fly together. To my Kalenjin, Luo, Luhya, Mijikenda, Pokomo and any other community which seeks redress to historical land injustices, put not your trust in Raila, or CORD or any other collusion, because they will do nothing to march their lofty rhetoric.

Live in peace with your brother as though Raila or Uhuru never existed, help and protect your neighbours because they are more important to you than either of the two politicians. They called each other names in 2007 but come 2008, they were hugging and cheering each other for a fight well fought, at our expense. They are stretching their imaginations by trying to outdo each other fooling us. All those promises being made are lies. How can CORD promise quality and affordable healthcare when it is a foregone conclusion that Anyang’ Nyongo will be in the next government even if the sky falls? And please tell me, isn’t it the height of utopia by Jubilee putting the cart before the horse by promising a laptop computer for all class one pupils when we do not even have enough teachers and chalks? How does a child run before crawling? Or was he only referring to kids in Banda, Brookhouse, Peponi, Braeburn and International School of Kenya? Good people, wake up! Do not have any legitimate expectation.  The only African president who has kept her promise is Joyce Hilda Banda of Malawi. Do not expect any of our politicians to keep their promise unless you are reffering to former Makadara legislator and bling boy Gidion Mbuvi Sonko, love him or hate him, he has despite his sideshows served the people of Makadara.

p/s. I would to know where I can get drugs to treat my stomach. It churns and I always feel as though my intestines are being pulled when I see or hear Kalonzo talking of reform, renewal and transformation! Pure katikati yao doublespeak.


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