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April 2013
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The Big DayMarch 1st, 2012
The big day is here.

My recent thoughts.

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“Vita vya panzi, furaha ya kunguru.”

The presidential election is now behind us, and our wheels of our struggles are trudging on uphill in this journey of survival in Kenya. There are those who are stubborn to a fault, and they won’t accept the verdict rendered by the Supreme Court of Kenya upholding Uhuru Kenyatta as the fourth president of the republic of Kenya. Some with psychological and possibly mental problems have committed suicide; some misguided members of parliament (names withheld) have threatened to bring a motion to parliament to disband the Supreme Court because “this thing” which was theirs was taken away from them by Chief Justice Dr. Willy Munyoki Mutunga and his fellow justices. (This is hot air because that it requires an amendment to the Constitution through a referendum to tinker with the independence of the Judiciary and the commissions and independent offices or to disband a commission or an independent office Under Article 255 of the constitution) There has been talk of democracy being on trial, but now it is the rule of law and justice which are on the cross. The shocker has to be that one by Prof. Makau Mutua, a man whose academic, legal erudition and alacrity I will always stand in awe of, that Uhuru will never be his president. All this heat minus any light is coming at a point when the real contender Jakom Raila Amolo Odinga has despite having reservations about the finding of the court, already moved on and is strategizing and planning on how to check the incoming government.

Many of those who are baying for the blood of the Supreme Court have never done anything for democracy, apart from rabble rousing in pubs and screaming on the internet. The Chief Justice and Justice Mohammed Ibrahim spent stints in detention for their agitation for democracy and civil rights. Those calling for the formation of the Republic of Nyanza are people who would never stand before a policeman wielding a mere baton with a single teargas canister; they are verbal warriors who can never take the heat. The comparison of Fidel Castro, Yoweri Museveni, Dr. John Garang and other revolutionaries who have employed successful guerilla war with some Facebook analysts is a stuff that stupidity is made of. I do not think that any part of Kenya can marshal the financial, military, political, and tactical resources to upstage the Kenyan government with its allies. To this end, it should be manifestly made clear that Nyanza (or any part of Kenya for that matter) is a key plank of this country, its natural and renowned human resources are key planks in this country and the world over, and this must remain to be so.

There were unfounded talks of sanctions in the event that Uhuruto duo was elected, The United Kingdom’s House of Commons dispelled such notions, some puerile rumour was doing the rounds that the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) was shifting its operations to Seychelles because Kenyans had elected a pair of International Criminal Court (ICC) indictees, to the contrary, shortly thereafter, UNEP was upgraded to an assembly status and it now United Nations Environmental Assembly. Johnnie Carson had talked of “choices having consequences”, we of course know that the United States will definitely take care of its interests in Kenya.

Those hopeless naysayers have gone to a desperate extent of claiming that Kenyans have been barred by the US from applying for the Green Card when in real sense one of the legislative arms of the US government has shown an intent to do away with the whole thing across the whole world. Leaders from David Cameron despite William’s Hague’s reservations about Kenyans choice of leaders, Jose Manuel Barosso, Napolitano, Francois Hollande, have promised to work with Uhuru, not us the Kenyan people and those still hoping that the sanctions are coming are dreaming. America installed Mobutu Seseseko in Zaire and supported him for over thirty years,  still deals with Israel, America deals with Pakistan, America deals with Egypt and it will continue to work with any government for as long as its interests and the interest of its people is taken care of. And yes, it will continue dealing with Uhuru and Ruto.

A while back, politician and entrepreneur Esther Passaris wrote on her Facebook page that not all Kikuyus are thieves as it was being alleged by some people (which is a crystal clear factual statement). The vitriol that was poured on her person by young Kenyans most of who are either diploma or degree holders was pathetic and uncalled for. I know that there are Luos who have been offended by some very inane quote doing the rounds (uthamaki ni witu, thamaki ni ciao – which I understand means governance is ours, the fish are theirs). For those with thin skin, it is understandable that they will blow the top, but it does not call for retaliatory snide quotes about others communities. Kalenjins have been told by some to go back and milk their goats; they are foolish for pairing up with “thieving” Kikuyus who will continue stealing their land, Kikuyus have been termed as genetically wired to be thieves. What does anybody gain by becoming myopic, petty and reprehensible?

All sane Kenyans must be made aware that the presidency of Uhuru will not be a presidency for Kikuyus, the successes and failings of Uhuru while in office will not squarely lie on Kikuyus and it is therefore vile for anybody to lampoon all Kikuyus into the Uhuru name. My Kikuyu friends are still struggling, I personally know Kalenjins who are out of school because they can’t afford the fees despite the fact that William Ruto is the in-coming second in command in the pecking order. What then does this tell us? Simple; that it will be the elites of the society who will directly profit from the Uhuruto administration and those few who will be lucky, not Kalenjins and Kikuyus. The stereotyping must and has to stop. For any Luo who thinks about the stupidity of Kalenjins, remember, Dr. Sally Kosgei stuck with Jakom to the bitter end, to those Kikuyus who think that Luos are not fit to lead, juggle your mind, the Secretary-General of Uhuru’s The National Alliance (TNA) is none other than Onyango Oloo, to those Kalenjins who think Luos can only have half a loaf, remember this, in 2007, you saw in Arap Mibei what Moses was to the children of Israel on their journey from Egypt.

All those hell-bent on sowing the seeds of discord, please have this in mind; your burden is projected to be much heavier as a result of the devolved government and therefore any iota of time and resources that you have must be channeled towards creating wealth and opportunities. Our wage bill is projected to rise because of the devolved government; the taxes that you pay will definitely be raised to support government projects and recurrent expenditure. You have already seen some very outlandish statements being made by your elected leaders even before settling into office; governors fighting over the right flying of the national flags as if they do not fathom the provisions of The National Flag, Emblems and Names Act. Cap 99 of the Laws of Kenya, The County Government Act, Members of Parliament are egregiously bracing for war with Sarah Serem’s Salaries and Remuneration Commission for what they term as poor pay and have threatened to move a motion to scrap this constitutional body, your county representatives have spoken and spoken in a very loud voice; you are currently paying them peanuts and they want a pay rise. If these “royals” across the political divide have in common bond united to desecrate the constitution in pursuit of parochial selfish ends, why are Kenyans debasing themselves by abusing whole communities on their behalf? These leaders know that if you want to do something which is compatible with an existing law, you lobby legislators to amend or repeal the sections you don’t like, not cry like a kid in defiance of existing laws which you swore under oath to uphold.

There are those praying that the Uhuruto government may fail, I hope it does not fail for it fails, I will be among those who will be affected by the instability. Tribalism is a cancer that is gnawing way our national conscience bit by bit. We take a stand; and now is the time. We must fight negative ethnicity and foster a spirit of brotherhood and inclusiveness if we are to really “move on”. This confusion that you are creating will be a blessing in disguise for the political elites and class. While you are busy fighting and calling each other names, corruption networks are forming across the political divide to suck your lifelines. We the people are supposed to be the vanguard in defence of our country and constitution, the more we waste time sidelining our real brothers –those from different – tribes the easier it will be for the divide and rule philosophy to gain a foothold.

Good people, wise up and rise above.


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